About AGRÉ

Argentum reused, reshaped

What is fine silver?

When buying a piece of AGRÉ jewellery, the water cast element of the piece, will contain nothing but fine silver.

Fine silver, also called pure silver, or three nines fine, contains 99.9% silver and is the purest form of silver available.

Fine silver is stamped with 999, different from the usual sterling silver, stamped with 925.

Elements in an AGRÉ jewellery piece, such as ear studs, chains or soldering iron, consist of sterling silver, in order to obtain the most durable result, why the entire piece will be stamped 925.

What is water casting?

Each AGRÉ piece is water cast, where fine silver is melted into its liquid state, and then poured into an iron cast container of cold water.

The quick change in temperature freezes the fine silver, creating 100 % unique pieces of jewellery.

What is urban mining?

Unlike conventional mining, which takes a huge toll on the environment, with large CO2 emissions and chemical pollution of especially mercury into our seas, urban mining is far more sustainable.

Urban mining is the process of reextracting fine metals from our trash.

It may sound a bit yucky, but its simply reusing the resources that have already been extracted from the ground and are circulating our world.

When we throw out our trash and it is delivered to our incinerator plants, a lot of this trash contains jewellery that is burned and melted, ending up as the residual product of incineration.

Fine metal is then reextracted from this residual product, refined, tested and analysed until it's put back on the market for sale and into the beautiful AGRÉ water cast pieces.

Urban mining reduces CO2 emissions by 85 % compared to conventinal mining, promotes the notion of circular economy, eliminates mercury pollution in our seas and combats illegal mining, which is listed as one of the United Nations "top 5 issues" globally.